I HELP COUPLES ARGUE LESS AND MAKE LOVE MORE!! Stop tossing and turning at night. Everything will be okay. You deserve love and happiness. That’s exactly what we will work together towards achieving. Working in the field of relationships for over a decade, I am dedicated to coaching you down your path of happiness and fulfillment by way of expertise, experience & a direct but strength focused approach. I exceed in helping couples who are on the brink of breaking up reconnect, regain trust, and redefine their relationship to one of pure & continuous happiness (and sometimes all over a weekend)!

Through the practice of Law of Attraction I help couples recover from relationship traumas (infidelity, abuse, substance abuse) and dramas (loss of intimacy, constant arguing, commitment). The answer is not always to leave. I also provide individual singles coaching tailored to the challenges you have faced along your romantic journey.

In understanding that relationships take much effort, I will work closely with you & your partner to ensure you receive the change and happiness you desire. Our therapeutic relationship is one I treasure. We at LoveJones also value your time, therefore we offer virtual, phone, in-home sessions, and weekend intensives.

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