Hello all! Welcome! I’m Amanda Crisp. I received both my undergraduate (Criminal Justice) and graduate degrees (Agency Counseling) from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, AR. I’m an licensed professional counselor (LPC) with certifications in trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and technology assisted counseling (TA). I have been in the mental health field since 2003 and a therapist since 2007.

I enjoy my career very much. It is extremely important to me and I take it very seriously. Forming a therapeutic bond is essential to developing a strong therapeutic relationship. Confidentiality is 100% ALWAYS** honored and is the KEY to having a strong therapeutic relationship.

I’m very flexible and open. I will take early morning or evenings and weekend appointments to accommodate all in need. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT, PLEASE CONTACT ME NO LATER THAN 4-6 HOURS BEFORE OUR APPOINTMENT TIME. This gives me the opportunity to fill your spot with someone else who is also in need and waiting.

I use the following theoretical approaches, but not limited to only these: brief solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral health therapy, person-centered therapy, reality therapy. The interventions I choose to use ultimately depend upon the patient.

I can take patients with a payor source of Arkansas Medicaid (all three PASSEs), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Advantage, QualChoice, and United Healthcare. I also take private pay, which is the same rate as the Arkansas Medicaid rate. If you wish to take that route, I will provide you with a list of fees. I use Square for sending invoices and processing payments (if applicable) for therapy sessions. Square is secure and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If a payment is needed, patient MUST PRE-PAY for session. If a payment is not needed at that time, you will receive a bill in the mail at a later date. If you pre-pay for a session and we are unable to follow through with the session for whatever reason, you will be refunded.

I very much look forward to meeting you and helping you find balance and hopefully piece of mind in this busy world we live in. I want you to live the BEST life you can and be the BEST you, you can be!!! I want to be your light in this time of darkness that helps you find your way back to your TRUE self!!

**The only time confidentiality may be breached is if the patient tells therapist he/she wants to hurt/kill theirselves (suicidal), hurt/kill another (homicidal), or discloses physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. This HAS to be reported to the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline due to myself being a mandated reporter. The only other instance would be if I got subpoenaed to court in which your therapy my be of interest. If I am served with a legal document (subpoena) to appear in court I will, although while testifying be as discreet as I possibly can be with telling the 100% truth. I will provide a treatment plan/discharge summary to the court if requested. Individual therapy progress notes must be court ordered by the presiding Judge.

Hope to see you soon!!
Amanda M. Crisp, LPC, CCTP, TA

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