Have you been feeling down? Not feeling like yourself lately? Do you feel stuck and can’t seem to bounce back to your normal self? Do you feel overwhelmed or burdened? You are not alone. You have made an significant decision to seek assistance. But this is the start of a new and rewarding beginning. I understand that life has a way of hitting us with curve balls and even knocking us down. So if you are dealing with loss/ grief, anxiety, depression or everyday life stressors. I can help! My focus is to assist you in alleviating some of the weight and burden you may feel from life transitions with a goal of reaching a better quality of life. I provide an open, nonjudgmental space using encouragement and empowerment. I will support you in navigating the most stressful aspects of your life. As your therapist, it would be my pleasure to join you on a path to a serene mind.

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