What’s getting in the way of you living YOUR best life? Are you feeling fed up? Do you find yourself quick to anger? Is it a struggle to get up and go to work? Does your mind wander or do you feel anxious? Is it harder to go to sleep or wake up on time? Are your friends, family or loved ones saying that you seem distant or different? Are you wondering if something from your past is currently impacting you? There is hope.

My expertise is working with people to find healing and restoration through empowerment and developing insight into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am knowledgeable about how systems of power and oppression can contribute to distress, and I support clients through finding ways to cope, heal, and thrive. Together, by collaborating to create an action plan that encompasses your goals, dreams and desires we will identify strategies and tools to support achieving them.

I have experience working with diverse identities with a specialization in: Black women and men. I am particularly passionate about working with folx that are underrepresented in mental health settings and are hesitant about the process of therapy. The time is now and I am available to walk with you in your path to living your best life.

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