Do you feel off-balance, unheard or frustrated in your life, work or relationships? Are you ready to reclaim your power? I specialize in helping freethinking women push through what keeps them feeling trapped, reduce anxiety, lessen trauma responses and fear to live with a sense of contentment, purpose, power, and self-worth. I am a trauma sensitive counselor, trained in EMDR and body-based (somatic) therapies that heal and align you with your best self. These methods allow healing to be a comprehensive and holistic process. I will support you in moving through trauma, coping through life transitions, and shifting to empowerment.

If you’re finding it hard to connect meaningfully, stuck in repetitive cycles, or noticing the impact that anxiety and fear have on your relationships – you are not alone. It is possible to create change that will welcome bravery, healing, and strength into your life and future. I can help you capture your courage and re-ignite your power.

It can be so difficult to take that first step. You are incredibly brave to prioritize your healing and growth! I am excited for you to connect with me. Allow me to guide you beyond awareness of what you want to change into the transformation you have been yearning for. May you find that Brave is Better and be empowered to live your fullest life!