I am dedicated to working with all individuals in a process of interaction that encourages a shift in how a client thinks, feels and behaves. I work with all individuals with a myriad of concerns including depression, anxiety, substance use issues, and general life skills. I specialize in groups that are historically pathologized. I am dedicated to working with all individuals including those with gender identity/expression concerns, sexual identity/expression concerns (LGBTQIA); and relationship structure concerns (polyamory, open relationships, and consensual non-monogamous) relationships.

I’m a licensed professional counselor, chemical dependency counselor, life coach, and a trained sex therapist. My style identifies connections between emotions, behavior, and outcomes. It’s a strength, and solutions based approach where clients will work to see tangible results. I encourage and motivate. My approach is client affirming.

I have honed my assessment, treatment and goal setting skills with diverse populations. I’ve learned that it is important to listen, help clarify goals, and assist in people finding their solutions. This conversation expands the ability of the client to make changes, move forward and feel better.

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