Psychotherapy, from its Greek origin, means to tend or render service to the soul or life spirit. My approach to therapy is to assistyou to find that quiet place within you where your healing begins, your soul or life spirit.From this source you have theopportunity to transform your life. And by transforming your life yougivethose around you the opportunity to change theirs. Individuals can learn to makechoices to create a life which resonates with their soul. Couples can learn totruley know and accept one another and take their relationship to a higher level.Our therapy together is a collaborative effort, your active participation leads to the deepest healing. And I add integrative therapiessuch as meditation, imagery, energy medicine, sound, healing, breath work ,as need, to assist you on your healing journey.Psychotherapy can be provided by secure Video Conferencing to AZ residents.I have learned that integration of mind, body and spirit creates the greatest transformation.This is a “whole person” or holistic approach .Psychotherapy by secure video conferencing is available to AZ residents only.However, video conferencing for Life Coaching and other services are available in any state.

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