Manifesting M.E. Wellness is a Black, woman-owned, Los Angeles based organization dedicated to providing healing via access to culturally competent, trauma-informed holistic Mental and Emotional health services for marginalized individuals and communities.

Founder, Katrina Long, LCSW (she) is an International Healing Arts Therapist, trauma-informed yoga teacher, energy healer and founder of Manifesting M.E. Wellness. She specializes in integrating traditional psychology with holistic healing modalities to provide relief from mental and emotional distress. Katrina is passionate about working with marginalized communities impacted by trauma, BIPOC, individuals who identify as queer, and those experiencing hormone & menstruation-related disorders to re-imagine what healing looks like. Katrina believes in healing as an act of resistance. Her mission is to provide intuitive guidance to heal your mind, body & soul, actualize your life purpose and manifest your dreams.

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