Everyone says that time heals all wounds. They just didn’t say how much time your child needs. Grief is a tough thing to handle. You’ve given hugs, talks, and plenty of space. Your teen’s grades are slipping, they’re moody, and they’ve shut out the world. Or, your little one needs more and more cuddles and is afraid of everything. Their once bright eyes are now so sad and little changes in routines cause a meltdown. You and your family need support now more than ever.

In a safe and judgment-free environment, kids can work through difficult behaviors and emotions. I help them thrive after loss by finding healthy and helpful coping skills. I can help you understand the “whys” of your child’s behaviors and your own, which can help in your own healing.

My office is conveniently in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood and easily accessible by public transportation. Limited Saturday appointments are available. You don’t have to do this alone. This can change now. Call me today to schedule an appointment.

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