Welcome to the first day of this amazing journey to healing, adaptive transition, wellness, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, affirmation, empowerment, or enlightenment.

One or many of these were you initial motivator for seeking help via this platform and Dr. Jefferson is definitely more than qualified and dedicated to assist you in the element of discovery. While she is definitely not your typical therapist, she does share many of the same sentiments that all helping professionals should encompass. She is one hundred percent passionate and internally driven to provide long-standing, productive growth for the clients she serves.

Having transitioned from life in the military as a medical practitioner to the field of psychology in her civilian graduate studies, she understands transition and trauma all too well. It is, in fact, her initiative to facilitate the ideal space for growth of her clients while considering all elements of the client and their insights to aid in the proper treatment planning and progression throughout based in research driven models for long standing change and self discovery.

She specializes in working with alternative lifestyle members of society and popular culture individuals who face an array or relational, personal, and environmental issues that cause issues in that effect their behavioral, emotional, and mental functionality and wellbeing.

Contact her today to find out if she is a good fit for you. 678.468.0442

“Everyone falls off the horse sometimes, the only important thing is the element of recovery. When your desire is great and backed in whole by true dedication and faith, the only option is success.”

~Dr. Jefferson~

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