I believe that greatness can be achieved by anyone. Despite what you may be going through right now, your best days are ahead. If we work together collectively throughout this process, healing is inevitable and possibilities are endless. Two of the key elements to getting to that place is when a client possesses insight into his or her circumstances and is transparent. My warmth, nonjudgmental and gentle approach to treatment will create a safe haven where you won’t leave the same way that you came in.Treatment will be interactive and empowering and will push you to succeed.My approach to treatment is eclectic which is inclusive of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal, solution-focusedand strengths-based techniques.Specialties include: Trauma and PTSD, self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety,bereavement and end-of-life issues, spiritual renewal/faith based counseling and cultural and diversity issues,My goal is to help my clients to arrive at a place of peace by giving them the tools to unlock the layers of pain and suffering that have been lying dormant in their lives, helping them to identify their inner-strength and motivating them to elevate their lives and reach their full potential.

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