My practice centers around working with those in transition. I am passionate about working with young women (15 to 30) and adolescents, in general. I believe that the relationship between the client and the therapist is the biggest indicator for progress in treatment. Clients who are committed to engaging in treatment, who have some level of insight to their challenges and what they want to change are a best fit for my practice.
My tag line is “your vision, your voice.” This is your treatment. I believe that you get to establish your goals. My responsibility is to assist you in figuring out why these items are challenges, how you can tackle these challenges and supporting you in your process.
My practice is unique because not only do you get the set the pace for your goals and how we will work together, but also where we will work together. I offer in person sessions (office or in community), distance counseling or services in your home. Packages are also available.

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