***********NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS********* “I’m tired of arguing!” “I don’t want our children to grow up like I did!” “Why am I always doing everything?” “You don’t appreciate me!” Does this sound like you? Are you tired of not getting what you need in your relationship? It’s painful when you’re not getting along with the one you love. Natasha’s passion for helping couples comes from knowing what it’s like to grow up without an example of a healthy one and every day breaking those patterns.
Stress makes it hard to sleep, focus at work and enjoy home. I also help women who are driven, high achievers but are exhausted! Women leaders who help everyone, but people don’t realize that they need support too. My clients to regain harmony with work, home and community roles.
Natasha also offers life changing retreats for groups and churches. Don’t go one more day without investing in your relationship. Schedule your appointment now online: www.UptownCharlotteCounseling.com or call: 704-820-4293.

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