Hello, I’m Ruth Unaegbu, a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor, an educator, a coach, and a consultant.

I am a people-person and everything in my life revolves around the love for and fascination with people and their stories. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with others, digging deep and delving into fears, motivations, inspirations, goals, and dreams. Stories are powerful and I love being drawn into different worlds and working with powerful people to create powerful success.

This love has led to the creation of my dream life.

I specialize in: empowering parents and helping transform the parent-child relationship, empowering women and helping them create their best and most healthy lives, and training teens in non-specific sport strength and conditioning and mindfulness.

You are my client if you are someone who is ready for or is experiencing a change or transition and you know you want more in life and are prepared and determined to get it.

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