My goal is to help people love who they are and to create a positive, accepting, supportive atmosphere in which people can authentically BE without any pressure. My life mission includes educating people in understanding ancestral, generational, & cultural trauma; the impact it has on our daily functioning and supporting them in developing solutions and healing past traumas in order to have a healthier quality of life. As a Sexuality & Emotional Empowerment Coach I support my clients in developing a healthy balanced relationship with themselves and with others by understanding how sexuality is integral to their humanity and their relationships with their individual selves. My coaching & educational style are integrative, holistic, and sex-positive. My core work centers around supporting and teaching Black Women their true connection with their personal power through healing Ancestral & Cultural Trauma and it’s impact on their sexuality, emotional health, and self-image. I have designed a 5 Week Online Program to aid women & men towards the improvement of their relationship with self & sexuality. Utilizing my skills & passion as a coach I create sacred spaces for her clients to cultivate their emotional health & self-improvement.

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