Is your child’s behavior out of control? Are you stressed out from the constant calls you are getting from your child’s school regarding their disruptive behavior? Has your child been involved with the juvenile justice system? Are you tired of all of the fussing and fighting going on in your home? Are you worried about your child’s future?

I am a Child and Adolescent Behavioral Consultant, and I can help you solve the problems caused by your child’s behavioral issues. I also specialize in strengthening families so every family member can thrive.

The mission of The Sid Center is to help black boys thrive in all areas of their lives. This is accomplished through programs, services, products and events with a holistic approach focused on creating optimal well-being for our clients so they can thrive spiritually, mentally and physically.

Our sessions are held via convenient and confidential online video. Are you ready to help your child thrive?

Visit to schedule a free Happy Family Session, and get your free copy of Black Boy Joy: A Guide To Helping Black Boys Thrive.

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