You ever find yourself thinking;

“oh my god, my life is a hot mess or telenovela”

“I’m weird, nobody will like/love me”

Have you had time to honor your experiences which caused pain? Have you had the opportunity to mourn and heal alone or with others? Was there learning, self-elevation and a reemergence? Have you cultivated love for yourself? Have you been able to speak your truth and not be hushed/silenced for sake of tradition and looking ” good/presentable” in front of others. Has trauma been faced with fear, fight or freezing?

You may have been feeling like something is wrong with you-there isn’t. You are a product of your environment and CAN re-write your narrative and overcome your traumatic experiences. I specialize and thoroughly enjoy working with millennials adolescents, families (particularly poc) and addressing life transitions while exploring the mind-body-heart connection.

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